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So when is it exactly I’m supposed to grow up?

I am 24 years old. Twenty-four years old. I have, just today, not only expanded my collection of model Daleks to 18, but also just finished starting to play a new video game starring Mickey Mouse. I am 24 years old.

Is this bad? I mean, really, is it? Because it doesn’t feel bad. I’m in full time work (for now), I have a graduate degree, but yet I still don’t feel grown up, and I still end up spending money on things that, really, I should have grown out of by now. But I’m not, and I don’t think it’s just me. The market for so-called adults buying so-called children’s things seems to keep growing and growing, and my idea of what someone in their mid-twenties should be is not really happening. And I like it.

I’m fine with doing these things and buying these things, because I enjoy them. Because they make me happy. I’m sure buying a fantastical new car or an amazing set of frying pans that look like they were made in 12th Century China is what I’m supposed to be focusing my attention on right now, but really they’re just boring.

Am I wrong about this, though? Is this okay? IS IT JUST ME?

(the Daleks look cool, though)


An Ode to Winter

Windbeeches on the Schauinsland in Germany (Bl...

Third post, still going strong. Since my last two posts were “Hello, I’m Tomtrek HERE I AM RANTING!!” and “Hello again, HERE’S A RANT FOR YOU!!!!” I thought I’d say something about something I like.

It’s winter. Well, okay, sure, it’s actually Autumn now (or Fall if you like), but – at least in the UK – the divide between Autumn and Winter seems to get smaller each year. You basically go from the “You can actually see the sun in the sky and walk around in a t shirt” weather of Summer right into “Grey grey grey grey grey let’s wear a HUGE COAT” feeling of Winter. Autumn has seemed to become a non-season, apart from the lovely brown leaves and the autumny holidays like Halloween and Bonfire Night. And while I will miss Autumn when it’s cut from the budget in 2015, I sort of don’t mind as I really like winter. Like, more than Summer, I like Winter.

Summer is fine and all, but it’s awfully annoying at times. You’re always too warm, there’s that sun in the sky getting in your eyes and burning your skin, and the insect population seems to triple. Winter, on the other hand, is much nicer, much more refined a season. Gone is the loud, brash, in-your-face sun going “HEY GUYS WHAT’S UP HOW ABOUT SOME ULTRA-VIOLET LIGHT FOR Y’ALL HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!” to the wonderful melancholy atmosphere of the overcast days with the sun glowing behind the clouds, which just sort of sits back and says “Hey, y’know, you could – if you wanted – put a hat on and keep warm. I mean just if you wanted it’s totally up to you. You want some snow? It makes everything look beautiful. Here’s some snow.”. Winter seems a time for self-refection, I guess. I think I basically like it so I can think to myself “What a melancholy atmosphere I’m living in today, eh heh heh.” and pretend I’m smarter than I actually am because I just used the phrase “melancholy atmosphere”. Tomtrek you’re a smug git.

But I don’t miss the sun, oddly. I have several issues with the sun: it’s always exactly where you don’t want it – i.e. right in your eyes as you walk down the street so you can’t actually see anything and is that someone trying to sell you something or just a random stranger and ahhh there’s a bin (note: buy sunglasses). It also makes everyone all sweaty and who likes that on a crouded bus? It also tans people, and since pale people are the best people (pale girls are the best girls) anything that lessens the reign of the tan is good to me!

Wow I can’t believe I managed to slip another rant in there. Sorry about that. Anyway the best thing about winter is that it means I can wear my huge coat, wherein you can keep just about anything you could need. Gloves, hat, book, various cables, headphones, tickets, Jelly Babies, TARDIS key, everything you need in your daily life is right with you – something you can’t do, if you’re not a handbag carrying person, in Summer what with the lack of clothing that people tend to wear during that time.

So I’m glad winter is soon here and will stay for a while and put it’s toothbrush in our bathroom. Being cold is far better than being warm, and it’s a fact that everyone looks about 20% cuter in a woollen hat and gloves.
Surely there must be others who are Winter-centric, right? RIGHT?