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This is Still the Worst Blog Ever.

I really need to work out what this blog is.

Is it a “here’s the events of my life presented though a prism of sardonical (it’s a word now) humour and bad science fiction references that will distract from the original point I am trying to make”? Well, ideally, but the trouble is that that nothing actually happens to me that’s worth blogging about. Well, nothing that I can spin into something vaguely entertaining, anyway. I supposed I could just take the mundane elements of life and blow them totally out of proportion:

Hey so I was crossing the street and a lady was wearing a hat that totally sort of looked like an Ewok. AND TO THAT POINT: who brought fireworks to the Battle of Endor? I mean when they were all preparing the the battle near Sullust which rebel pilot was like “Yeah I could take these proton torpedoes but really you know what would be cooler? Fireworks. Just load my X-Wing up with fireworks. It will rule, trust me guys.” and all his friends are like “Um, Fash [the pilot’s name was ‘Fash Bandur’ in my mind], what if we need you to, like, kill some TIE fighters? Couldn’t you just bring a few torpedoes?” and he was all “No way man FIREWORKS!!!” but then at the celebration at the end he was totally laughing at his amazing foresight at bringing some fireworks but it didn’t matter because all his friends were dead. So yeah, it was a cool hat.

OR is this blog just a way to rant about the seemingly insignificant things in my life that, let’s face it, no one really cares about but THEY SHOULD care about it because it’s THE INTERNET, DAMNIT:

Man those charity people on the street are jerks. They sort of scream at you with “PUPPIES ARE DYING!! ONLY YOU CAN SAVE THEM!! DO YOU HATE PUPPIES??” and while no I don’t hate puppies but seriously it’s raining and I don’t actually have any money to give you. And then they go all mean on you by making all the people on the street stupidly cute girls and you’re like “Well any chance to talk to a cute girl and let them know how much I care about puppies!” but in the end they’re not really interested in just how much you like puppies. And then they get greedy. “Oh, well you see, people usually give us notes instead of coins you see, don’t you have any notes?”. Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but who actually gives notes? Who doesn’t just throw your spare change at them? And I mean this is England, so notes meaning at least £5 and I need that for my train home so, no. Sorry. Wow I sound like an asshole now. Sorry. Sorry.

OR is it just going to be a bizarre stream of consciousness that, in reflection, wont be understandable by anyone except me? For an example of that type of post, just re-read this entire post.

Oh well.

In summary: Blogs, eh? Blogs.

I’m going to end this post witha picture of Nien Nunb because, really now, he’s Nien Nunb. He’s a hero.

It's Nien Nunb


The Lunch-Hour Paradox

The benefit and problem of a lunch hour is that it’s a whole hour. Benefit because, well, it’s an hour not doing any work (and eating), but problem because there’s not actually a lot of things that one can do for a whole hour after you’ve eaten your sandwich.

Well, let me rephrase that. There’s not a lot of things that I can do. Because normal people can just sit in a coffee shop and read a book or use a laptop. But not me. You see, I don’t drink coffee. Like, at all, in any form, and so coffee shops, and the nice sofas they offer, seem somewhat off limits to me what with me not actually wanting anything they sell, just the aforementioned sofas. It seems odd to me as a non-coffeesman how coffee has become the default drink nowadays (or has it always been like that and I’ve been too wrapped up in myself to notice?). So as I peer in from the cold wishing there were coffee shops that didn’t actually serve coffee I have the lunch hour dilemma.

I realized that there’s only so many times a person can look around a Waterstones during a week and not actually buy anything (I think the staff think I’m a little odd) so I’m stuck to just wondering around (at least there’s a semi decent park nearby), and even that’s loosing it’s appeal not that the weather is just cold and wind. Just cold I’m fine with, that’s why hats exist, but cold and wind? No sir.

So what else is there to do? I just want somewhere warm to sit and read a book that isn’t also the place where I work and wont make me feel guilty for not wanting to drink a hot caffeinated liquid. Is that so hard?




In lighter news, I’m currently listening to the recently released Doctor Who Series 5 soundtrack non-stop (on Spotify since is being unusally slow), and it really is the best thing ever. I don’t know if Steven Moffat just went up to Murray Gold and said “Hey Murray how about this time you make your music really really good?” and Murray went “WHY DID I NEVER THINK OF THIS BEFORE??” because the difference in quality between this and his previous (still good!) work on the show is amazing.

Look if you can use Spotify (if you’re in the right parts of Europe) you can listen to it here which you should be doing and then go out and buy it with actual money because it’s like £10 for TWO DISKS of really good music go go go go: Murray Gold – Doctor Who: Series 5

I just wrote a blog post about how I don’t have time to write a blog post.

One of the problems about not being home for the weekend is that you have to then fit your normal weekend stuff into Monday. And then you have to put your Monday stuff into Tuesday and then collapse and cry at the end of Tuesday and hope everything will be okay.

Like this blog! One of these weeks I will post on the weekend! You heard me, internet! Anyway, for those that care (which, let’s face it, seems to be about one person a day who only visit the front page – hi there! – which is fine because I’m not going to go obsessive about who reads this or anything. For those person, I had a very nice weekend where I attended a small but good sci-fi book comic convention thing (BristolCon, it was awesome, go next year) where as suspected Paul Cornell is the awesomest guy ever (he’s really nice). There was also a pub quiz and although our team came second I did win a special prize for being the only person there who could answer the geekiest question of the entire quiz. Which I guess says something (it says “Tomtrek you’re a fucking nerd.”).

Anyway, I’m playing catchup, and for me that means “watching all the TV and reading blog posts that you missed over the weekend”, because that’s basically what my weekends are!

So, busy busy Tomtrek. Add to this the fact that I actually have a heap of, like, actual worky work to do thanks to my company’s really awesome policy of “fire someone as soon as the Government no longer has to pay their wages” means I’m basically doing two people’s jobd PLUS I’m now having to teach an unpaided 50 year old how to do part of the job, and while he’s a nice enough guy he can’t actually use a computer but apparently I have to teach him because that’s part of my job now!

It’s fun. It’s all fun. This is sarcasm on the internet.

In summary:

Sleepy Husky!

Image by christine zenino (chrissy575) via Flickr

Halloween and fezzes (fezzes are cool).

304 - 31 October: Halloween

Image by Darren W via Flickr

Oh, hello Monday, I didn’t see you there.

I had, in fact, planned to be a super-blogger and update on the weekends, but last minute plans prevented that. Suffice to say I spend around 32 hours away from home with only the content of my pockets and the kindness of friends to sustain me (the contents of my pockets, for all those that care, which isn’t anyone, were: A woollen hat, two gloves, a pair of headphones, a USB to mini-USB cable, a fez, and a copy of ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe‘. The lesson here is “always carry a fez with you.”).
Add to that the confusion of suddenly getting an hour back via what I can only assume is a form of time travel, my brain is so tired and confused that it currently thinks it’s May 14th 1975 and is freaking out about the advanced technology I am currently writing on. And I wasn’t even alive on May 14th 1975. What the hell, brain?

Now what the hell was I going to actually write about? Good question, Tomtrek, I’ll get back to you on that. In the mean time, Let’s talk about Halloween, which is totally yesterday’s news (LITERALLY…!) but still. I’ve often found Halloween to be a bit of an odd one. Living in the UK as I do it’s a holiday that has been thrust upon us my people wanting to sell sweets and costumes more than it is an actual proper holiday. In America, of course, it’s a major event and plenty of effort is put into costumes, house decorations and parties, and while it’s true that some people go to the same lengths here it’s safe to say that an English Halloween is a pale shadow of it’s big-budget American cousin.

For one, trick-or-treaters are tricky things. As not everyone does it, not everyone prepares for them arriving, and so the entire thing sort of collapses in on itself when it ends up that the only house prepared for people asking for sweets is the house that has sent people out asking for sweets. It’s a part of Halloween that I’m actually a fan of, when it’s done well. It promotes a sense of community when kids can actually talk to their neighbours without the neighbours being put on the sex offenders registry. Of course when it’s just three grungy teenagers with no costume (unless their costumes were ‘grungy teenagers’ and they were in fact really talented 10 year olds…) asking for sweets it sort of loses it’s appeal.

Same with the costumes, although this might not be just a UK thing and instead a global lack-of-effort thing, but in my mind if you’re going to do a costume then you should go the whole hog. It doesn’t have to be flashy and expensive, my friend’s home-made Ghostbuster costume had a proton pack thay was just a (very nicely!) painted cardboard box attached to a backpack, with a makeshift neutron wand attached to it, but it showed that he had put effort in and got into the spirit of things. It makes such a nice change to all the “sexy nurse” and “sexy devil” and “sexy St. John the Baptist” costumes that seem to be the default now (I’ll take this opportunity to mention Michelle Trachtenberg’s lovely Halloween costume this year: a child beauty pageant princess, which not only poked fun at the whole horrible pageant thing, but also, I think, gave a slight dig to the use of fake tan. Which is great because I hate fake tan so much. End of Trachtenberg derail).

So really I guess what I’m saying here is that England really needs to decide what it wants to do with Halloween. Either it just says “No, sorry, I wont put up with all this silliness let’s all go and have a sit down for a while, shall we?” or it dives in feet first and does it like America does it, because right now it’s some sort of bizarre non-holiday stuck in a commercialised hell.

Of course the whole thing doesn’t really matter anyway as the real fun is a week later at bonfire night. Take note, UK terrorists – if you try and blow up our buildings we will make that day a national holiday!