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An Ode to Winter

Windbeeches on the Schauinsland in Germany (Bl...

Third post, still going strong. Since my last two posts were “Hello, I’m Tomtrek HERE I AM RANTING!!” and “Hello again, HERE’S A RANT FOR YOU!!!!” I thought I’d say something about something I like.

It’s winter. Well, okay, sure, it’s actually Autumn now (or Fall if you like), but – at least in the UK – the divide between Autumn and Winter seems to get smaller each year. You basically go from the “You can actually see the sun in the sky and walk around in a t shirt” weather of Summer right into “Grey grey grey grey grey let’s wear a HUGE COAT” feeling of Winter. Autumn has seemed to become a non-season, apart from the lovely brown leaves and the autumny holidays like Halloween and Bonfire Night. And while I will miss Autumn when it’s cut from the budget in 2015, I sort of don’t mind as I really like winter. Like, more than Summer, I like Winter.

Summer is fine and all, but it’s awfully annoying at times. You’re always too warm, there’s that sun in the sky getting in your eyes and burning your skin, and the insect population seems to triple. Winter, on the other hand, is much nicer, much more refined a season. Gone is the loud, brash, in-your-face sun going “HEY GUYS WHAT’S UP HOW ABOUT SOME ULTRA-VIOLET LIGHT FOR Y’ALL HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!” to the wonderful melancholy atmosphere of the overcast days with the sun glowing behind the clouds, which just sort of sits back and says “Hey, y’know, you could – if you wanted – put a hat on and keep warm. I mean just if you wanted it’s totally up to you. You want some snow? It makes everything look beautiful. Here’s some snow.”. Winter seems a time for self-refection, I guess. I think I basically like it so I can think to myself “What a melancholy atmosphere I’m living in today, eh heh heh.” and pretend I’m smarter than I actually am because I just used the phrase “melancholy atmosphere”. Tomtrek you’re a smug git.

But I don’t miss the sun, oddly. I have several issues with the sun: it’s always exactly where you don’t want it – i.e. right in your eyes as you walk down the street so you can’t actually see anything and is that someone trying to sell you something or just a random stranger and ahhh there’s a bin (note: buy sunglasses). It also makes everyone all sweaty and who likes that on a crouded bus? It also tans people, and since pale people are the best people (pale girls are the best girls) anything that lessens the reign of the tan is good to me!

Wow I can’t believe I managed to slip another rant in there. Sorry about that. Anyway the best thing about winter is that it means I can wear my huge coat, wherein you can keep just about anything you could need. Gloves, hat, book, various cables, headphones, tickets, Jelly Babies, TARDIS key, everything you need in your daily life is right with you – something you can’t do, if you’re not a handbag carrying person, in Summer what with the lack of clothing that people tend to wear during that time.

So I’m glad winter is soon here and will stay for a while and put it’s toothbrush in our bathroom. Being cold is far better than being warm, and it’s a fact that everyone looks about 20% cuter in a woollen hat and gloves.
Surely there must be others who are Winter-centric, right? RIGHT?


Post 2: Hey I remembered my password, that’s a good sign.

Hey look, a second post. Hopefully this one will be less confusing than the first.

So the process of starting a blog, it seems, is harder than it looks. I have several topics in my head that have been running around in there for a while that I need to let out before the scratch up the furniture, but on writing this second post I sit here oddly directionless. Do I use up one of the topics I had thought of originally? Do I do an off-the-cuff rant about the state of television after the recently announced cancellation of Caprica (and believe me, there’s a rant in here somewhere)? Or do I do what I seem to be doing right now and write a fourth wall breaking blog about that’s about whether or not I should write a fourth wall breaking blog post.

I suppose I should go into a little more detail about the reason(s) why this blog exists. You see, as I mentioned before I work in SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, and by “work in” I mean “hired with no experience in the field, given a book to read, then made head of an SEO section in our company (with no pay increase)”. So if being flung straight into the deep end wasn’t enough to make me dislike the work then the actual work itself was more than enough. You see, despite being put in charge of other people, the basic plan of our SEO attack is still out of my hands, with it being controlled by those-on-high, some of whom know less about it than I. And it’s our most recent tactic that has spurred this blog and the (hopefully not too boring) rants (and maybe even, like, not-rants) that will go on it. As I previously mentioned, my day is now spent making blogs. Bad blogs. Blogs used only to add a link into our site. Yes, blog-reading-people, spam blogs. And I hate it. I hate spam online, useless information that does nothing but make the internet harder to use for the actual normal people who use it. So that’s one reason why I’m here typing now – I want to give back to the blog word which I so sorrily pollute with actual content on an actual blog written by an actual person with no link-spamming in mind.

It’s actually quite refreshing for me, as due to the nature of our approach the blog posts we throw a link on to have to look, well, like blog posts. Which usually entails writing a couple hundred words for each about a subject I don’t care about, isn’t interesting to me, and basically not what I would ever want to blog about. Which is why I am blogging about what I want to blog about. And it shows, too. Writing this post came easily to me, I literally just started typing and the thoughts in my head went onto the screen my leg is itchy. Compare this to writing the bad blogs where I can sit at around 100 words for about half an hour wondering which part of my brain is dying.

Please don’t hate me. I don’t want to do this forever. I’d like to write music again, that would be nice.

Well now that that’s out of my system I hopefully wont rant like that again (was that even a rant? I have blogging self esteem issues). But seriously though if you take one thing from this post it’s that the cancellation of Caprica was a bad thing. It was a show wherein a cute girl hugged a robot. Don’t cancel shows that do that, you might as well cancel rainbows.

Taken from Caprica, I'LL MISS YOU.

There wasn't enough robot-hugging before Caprica and now there'll be even less.

This is going to be the Worst Blog Ever.

Holy crap I’m actually writing a blog. This is scary as it’s literally something I’d never thought I’d actually do. Not because I’m anti-blog (although, when you think about it, the word ‘blog’ is a bit silly), but because I honestly thought I had nothing interesting to say. In fact I probably still don’t.

But what’s changed? Well, for starters, my current job has me working with blogs every day, making blog posts, none of which are actually about, like, the things in my head. Which is sort of the point of a blog. So I guess because I’m doing BAD blogging as part of a job (I will explain this later probably) I want to counter that with GOOD blogging which is why I’m sat here typing this into Word.

Oh right I forgot this is the customary “Hello this is my first blog post which literally no one will read” post. Hello! I’m Tomtrek. It’s actually interesting that I’m using this name on here – it’s the moniker I’ve been using online for about ten years now (because when you’re 14 and you’re trying to think of an internet-name and your brain goes “Wait, my name is Tom… I like Star Trek… WAIT A SECOND.” you stick with it) – but I’ve often strived to keep my online-me and my real life-me (mostly) separate, and since I think I’ll probably end up talking (mostly) about real-life-me using this name it could prove interesting.

Are you still reading? Wow. Thanks! Anyway, I guess I should say “Here’s who I am” because I guess people like to read that sort of thing. As I mentioned I, that is me, am Tomtrek. I am, like about 90% of the internet, a computer user who likes like science fiction and computers and games and stuff and stuff. Pretty standard stuff. Still reading? Awesome. Apart from that my main focus is music. I actually have a damn MASTERS degree for Composing for Film & Television, which I am constantly trying to use in any practical way. It’s also my main musical leaning in terms of actually listening to music, meaning I am totally out of the loop when it comes to most of that music with, like, guitars and stuff. But I can tell you a ton about the use of electro-acoustic techniques in film scores. A ton. The field I’m currently working in is SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” and it’s one of the most soul-destroying jobs ever (I mean that I’ve done in my life. I’m sure being the guy who has to put down puppies when they’re sick is more soul destroying than this. That poor guy.). It’s that job which has me posting so many bad blogs as one of the (slightly dodgy) methods we use, which in turn inspired me to make this blog so I guess that’s a good thing?

I’m also a very big fan of the actress Michelle Trachtenberg who I think is actually wonderful in every way, but as I’m pretty sure most people have stopped reading at this point I’ll try and keep the Trachtenlove to a minimum so as to not scare off the two people who might actually be reading this (you’re lovely, both of you. Your hair looks great today.).

Wow again this is turning into a mad rambling stream of consciousness thing. I guess this is my “writing style” (as a side-note, I did used to have a website many years ago where I’d post sort of random things in my head like ‘WHAT IF THE PREDATOR FROM ‘PREDATOR’ WAS IN A SIT-COM?’ and people seemed to like it, so you never know). So why should you read this blog (if you are, in fact, still reading it)? Well honestly I don’t know. This will probably just be some sort of outlet for the thoughts in my brain that coalesce while I’m writing the mind-numbing blogs I do for a living. But it seems that the internet LOVES reading the dull minute of a person’s life so I should fit right in. If people actually read it – lovely. If people actually read it and maybe sort of like it a little bit maybe – lovely lovely.

Right, so, introduction post over. Now I can do the fun part of a blog which is tweaking the display settings and seeing how many pictures of ducks one man can have on his blog.

Maybe I’ll post tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. MYSTERY…

(I probably will [the mystery was just to encourage people to come back again])
Extra: Oh holy crap WordPress just lets me use EVERYTHING as a link I’m going to overuse THE HELL out of this.